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Its monuments

Visiting Trieste among monuments and things to see

There are so many things to do and see in Trieste, for this reason, it is a good idea to come back here several times, considering that every time you stay here, every short holiday, always has a surprise in store for you.

Among the antique coffee shops in the historic centre, the quays and the squares where the great writers in Trieste used to meet; there are plenty of things to do and see.

Piazza Unità

They say that this is the largest square in Europe that directly overlooks the sea. It is definitely one of the main points of interest in Trieste, also because it hosts 4 sumptuous buildings (Palazzo della Luogotenenza austriaca (The building of the Austrian lieutenancy), today is the headquarters of the Prefecture; palazzo Stratti, where you can find the historic Caffè degli Specchi; Palazzo del Municipio (Town Hall building) and Palazzo della Regione (Regional Government Building), formerly the Triestine branch of Lloyds).
Piazza Unità, an authentic reference point within the secluded historic centre of Trieste, only a 3-minute walk from the Hotel Albero Nascosto.

Molo Audace

This is a quay, yet it is so important and significant that one could also include it among the monuments to be visited. It starts in Piazza dell’Unità and it leads visitors for over 200 metres to a point in which it is amazing to admire not only  the Gulf of Trieste that can be seen from sea level, but also the Piazza itself with its antique buildings, the majority of which are of Habsburg origin.

Cattedrale di San Giusto (St. Justus’ Cathedral)

As its name also states, this is the most important church in Trieste and it is situated on a hill bearing the same name, overlooking the town centre. It dates back to the 14th century, when the St. Mary’s and St. Justus’ churches were united. From here you can enjoy a marvellous panorama of the sea.

Teatro Romano (Roman Theatre)

Right at the foot of St. Justus’ hill, you can find the ancient remains of Trieste in Roman times. Especially during summer, even today some shows are held at the Roman Theatre, during which it is possible also to visit the inside of the theatre itself. It was built between the 1st and the 2nd century and it is said to be able to hold up to 6,000 people.

Faro della Vittoria (Victory Lighthouse)

This is located outside the city centre yet it can easily be reached by bus; it is situated above sea level and since 1927, the Faro della Vittoria (Victory Lighthouse) proudly stands both as a lighthouse and as a monument, in this particular case in memory of the sailors who died during the First World War. The Faro della Vittoria  (Victory Lighthouse) can be visited free of charge and it provides you with a spectacular view of the sea and of the Karst Plateau.

Risiera di San Sabba

This cannot be considered a real and proper monument, but it is definitely among the things that must be seen, once you are here on holiday in Trieste. The Risiera di San Sabba is not far from the centre of Trieste, it is situated in the area near the Nereo Rocco Stadium and it is an old building complex formerly used for the processing and storage of rice. During the Nazi era, however, it was used for other, more macabre purposes; in fact, it was the only Nazi concentration camp in Italy.
There are so many things to do and see in the city, WRITE TO US to ask for advice according to your interests and expectations.
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